What does it mean by an electronic file?
We do not sell hard copies. Instead, you pay for the file and save it to your own computer. You can use it electronically or print it out. If you need multiple copies for classroom use, then you need to print them. If you are a teacher, it is essential you buy the Teacher Version. It is also breaking copyright if you give the file to another teacher not at your school or post it anywhere the public can access it.

When will I get my download link?
This will come as soon as your payment is accepted. Usually this is instant. The download link is in an email sent to the email address you have provided.

I have not received my link?
Look in your Junk folder. Sometimes strange things can happen with Security software. If you have the email confirmation saying you have paid, then the codes have been sent. Please contact us if you still cannot find them.

Why would I pay extra for Teacher Versions of products?
Most importantly, Teacher Versions are copyrighted for school use. The Student Version files sold on this site are copyrighted for single-student use, not class groups. If teachers buy and use the Student Versions they are breaking copyright. Teacher Versions of past exam papers are in Word (not pdfs). Schools can use Teacher Versions repeatedly and with multiple students - even class groups. Also, if you are a teacher and you would like to cut and paste questions easily, Word copies are far easier to work with. Please note: Many pdf versions will not print.

Why won’t my file print?
You have bought a student copy. Student copies for our recent products are secured. Student copies are for school students who buy resources NOT teachers. No security key will be given. They are, as described, screen-only versions. If you are a teacher who has made a genuine mistake you can contact us and we will help you purchase the correct versions. The two versions are explained on the product pages.

Can I get a pdf invoice?
Send us an email and we will send you one. We can't send them automatically but we understand some Accounts offices need a pdf. Our office will routinely send you a pdf invoice if you buy using your school name, by Direct Deposit

Who writes your exam papers and resources?
Our products are all written by actual teachers. We are a company run by teachers. That is why it is so unfair to be cheap by buying Student Versions. We are trying to help students access resources economically. Our writers deserve to be paid properly for their work. They are saving other teachers hours of work!

Why don’t you have PayPal?
We have withdrawn PayPal as their payment process does not suit our account system. We suggest you use a credit card or buy the product direct deposit. All payments are processed by Eway, a totally secure and fully verified gateway. We do not receive any of your details and they do not store them.

Can I have hard copies of booklets delivered?
We do not usually supply single hard copies of booklets or resources. However, if you are a school which wants colour multiples for a class set we can organise this. Contact us and we will discuss cost and timing.

Shipping? Why does it mention this when they are emailed files?
We have not managed to be rid of this term. Nothing will be posted to you as we do not stock any paper copies of our resources. You will be delivered your file via your email.


    Resources and Past Papers

    There are two payment options.

    1. Using a credit card will give you an immediate download. You may need to check your Junk folder.
    2. Choosing the 'Direct deposit' option allows you to pay later through your school system. With this option, you must include your school name we will deliver within 24 hours. You will receive a full invoice to take to your Accounts Office.
    If you cannot buy online without office approval, please visit our SCHOOLS ORDER FORM page and download the relevant order form.

    2021 Trial exam papers can be ordered and paid for online but are not delivered until later in the year.