Welcome to TEC's newest initiative. It's taken a while but we have made the moves to begin a blog about education. Let's face it - it's what we know!

After all, we are all teachers here with many many years of experience in the classroom. Many of us also have our own kids and know well the struggles parents have to motivate and encourage good learning.

Every week at TEC we receive phone calls from educators and parents with good questions about learning. We thought we'd share some our expertise and hopefully, help people and students. In the following weeks, we have some great issues to cover.

We will begin by sharing some insights on some common parental dilemmas we have had many calls about but will then move to some specific teacher focused topics. Everything we do at TEC is about successful learning, so be assured there will be lots of practical advice that just might help!

Look out for:

  • How to encourage reading in high school
  • Coping with video game playing
  • Approaching your child's teacher
  • How to manage that teenage phone
  • Should you work towards a Selective Schools/Opportunity class place?
  • February 21, 2023
  • Total Education Centre
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  • February 24, 2023
  • Dulcie May

Thanks! I know I was one of the people ringing. I am very interested in getting some ideas about selective schools. My son is in Year 4 and I have heard so many different ideas about them.


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